Member Benefits

Here are just a few of the club benefits:

      • Hand-crafted, boutique wines adored by food and wine professionals
      • Direct insights from the producers who craft the wines
      • Food pairings and recipes from our favorite chefs
      • Educational opportunities with our Winery and Sommelier Partners (online and eventually in person!)
      • Eco friendly shipments in reusable temperature controlled Liviri shopping boxes
      • Buy more of the wines you love from our members-only online cellar!
      • Monthly or quarterly shipments, your choice!


What You’ll Receive Each Month

You’ll choose 3 bottles of wine from a wider selection hand-picked by our Sommeliers

Available one-on-one assistance from our Sommeliers to help you navigate the complexities of the wine world

Access to exclusive guided content and videos about your wine and the winemakers behind them

Access to our private community of wine lovers, winemakers, and Sommeliers

We are so excited to share our love of wine with you. Join now and enjoy all the benefits that the best small-batch small winery wine club has to offer!

$90 per month

We love to discover and work with the best artisan winemakers in the world and share them with our members.  Here’s what a few of them have to say about being part of our club!


The Essence of the Spirit of Wine

Quality winemaking is a lengthy process: it takes a decade to develop a vineyard and often several more years of unrivaled dedication and commitment to carefully barrel and bottle aging to achieve a wine’s most unique character and potential.

A Lifetime of Learning

Often referred to as “the PhD of Wine Academia,” the Master Sommelier title is the highest distinction a professional can obtain in the wine industry.

To become a Master Sommelier, students must pass a rigorous series of four examinations; the average candidate takes the final exam as many as six times. It takes years to prepare for, and a very small percentage of candidates who attempt it actually pass.

One of our experts, Eddie Osterland, was the very first American to earn the distinction. He has over 45 years of experience in the industry, contributing at the highest level to our community.

Featured Sommelier

Eddie Osterland

Central to our community is our team of accomplished Sommeliers who continually curate and hand-pick the wines that will be shipped to you each month.

Featured Winemaker

Bryan Weil

Our core mission is to seek out the most passionate and talented winemakers and introduce you to their wines. From Cabs to Viognier, and everything in between, expect each to be balanced, nuanced, and true – it has to be a great wine, or it won’t make it into the club!

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